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H&A Performance is here to provide comprehensive training on safe firearms handling with proper pistol techniques that can be applied when it matters! 

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H&A Performance

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H&A Performance LLC wants Firearm Owners to build a solid foundation of safe and proficient Firearm handling skills and in-depth knowledge of laws pertaining to North Carolina concealed carry. Additionally, we promote NRA Pistol marksmanship and safety fundamentals. All instructors are NRA Pistol and North Carolina State Concealed Carry certified instructors that adhere to all guidelines, principles and regulations. At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure a safe and fun environment that is conducive to learning and increasing proficiency.


Zachary Oldham, MBA, PMP

Zach is a prior Law Enforcement Officer and United States Marine who served his country for over nine years with multiple combat deployments as an Infantryman and

Combat Engineer. He is passionate about promoting Firearms safety and delivering proper training. Zach is a certified NRA Pistol and North Carolina Concealed Carry Instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer with twenty years of extensive firearms training on numerous platforms. His high energy, enthusiastic and hands on approach is the foundation of H&A Performance, which ultimately allows for a safe and fun learning environment for students and staff.



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